LETC Saturday Ride & learning points of the compass

Tomorrow, Saturday June 25 our Saturday AM ride is leaving from Park Royal in West Vancouver for our Cypress Bowl campaign.  To further challenge your Saturday morning, Park Royal is actually two shopping malls, a North mall and a South mall divided by Marine Drive.  We are meeting by the White Spot in the north-east Corner of the South mall, at the corner of Taylor Way and Marine Drive.  It is on the south-west corner of the intersection, but you have to turn south onto Taylor Way as if you’re entering Park Royal South. And, if you forget your compass, north is uphill relative to Park Royal J

The ride is a total of three hours, and we are going up Cypress.  The rules of the ride a simple; climb at your own pace.  If you get to the top before the last rider in our group gets there, you turn around and come back down to meet them coming up.  Then you go back up again.  Repeat until everyone is together at the top.  If the last person isn’t up in 2 hours they can do a U-turn and relax on a well earned descent.

On the way down, we’ll do the same.  If you get to kilometre zero (Highway 1) first, you turn around and come back up until the last person goes by.  Then you go down again.  Repeat until we’re all together at the bottom.

Things to bring: lots of fluids (2 bottles) and you can refill at the top and a good supply of food would also be beneficial.  You might also want a long sleeve jersey, arm warmers or light jacket for the downhill.  It can get cold up there.

See you Saturday morning.

Alan, Andrew & Owen