Okay, I admit it it has been a while since we posted to our blog.

To be honest it has been a while since I posted to any of my blogs. Since my last posting, the triathlon club has been in full swing. We run Tuesday nights with up to 20 people doing a variety of things from technique to intensity to easy distance. On Wednesday we have an evening spin class, then Saturday morning bike ride and on Sundays we swim and then do a long easy distance run. The club is closing in on 20 active members now and looking strong.

We've lined up sponsorships or partnerships with the Run Inn, West Point Cycles, Louis Garneau clothing/bikes, Power Bar, O'Neal wetsuits and more!

I've been to New Zealand to review a race site for the 2006 Sprint Outrigger World Championships followed by two full days of meetings. After my three (3) days in NZ, I was off again to meetings in Hawai'i for six days.

I returned home February 1, exhausted.

It is now mid-March. February has elapsed under coaching, coaching education, workout planning and keeping up to date with all the assorted athletes, administrators and officials.

I've also been helping organize paddling races to raise awareness for adaptive paddling through Pogue Sports Canoe Club. Our latest event in Deep Cove had 37 paddlers supporting our cause! The next one is on March 19, also in Deep Cove at 11:00 am.

Andrew was working hard promoting LETC at the UBC race today, and I was up there this morning as well. I ended up sweeping the swim to bike route for glass from 7:30-8:30 after seeing a few too many shinny, sparkling shards littering the sidewalks and roads.

Hope you all had fun racing today!