take a deep breath

Friday October 22 I went for short run and notice my heart rate was a little higher than it should have been.  No big deal, it happens.

Saturday I paddled in a 6 km kayak race as part of the BC long distance kayak championships, while I didn’t feel great much of that was due to being in an unfamiliar boat while mine was in for repairs.  Staying vertical was my number one priority that day, going fast was directly proportional to achieving priority number one.  Finished seconds behind Doug Abbott, who is still only 15 I think.

Sunday I ran the Richmond Flatlands 10 km road race.  While warming up at a pace that should have been a heart rate of 105-110 based on speed and perceived effort, my actual HR was 140.  Red flag!  The rest of the race was a reasonable red zone effort, but almost 5:00 minutes slower than ideal for this time of the season and my slowest 10 k road race in close to 20 years!

This is my latest episode in an ongoing saga with an allergy induced asthma-like ventilatory problem.  It is now three weeks later and my respirologist has me just coming off anti-inflamatories for the third time this year.  Every time allergens or pollution in Vancouver (or wherever happen to be residing for any period of time) spike, I end up nose diving within days.  In 2002 and 2003 it happened days before the Victoria International Triathlon.  Enough said on that.

Tomorrow I can start working out again, if a 15-20 minute un-walk can be considered working out.