[enter new club's name here]

We haven't a name for it. However, for the past few years, and more recently the past few months I've been meeting regularly with two other Vancouver triathlon enthusiasts about "a new club". We've spent a lot of time figuring out what we can offer to the triathlon community that will make [enter new club's name here] an asset.

Today, Andrew and I were debating this aspect of the "new club" over lunch and decided that what we can do is only half the equation. We need to learn more about what you want.

In this log we will post our forming ideas about [enter new club's name here]: coaching philosphies and differences, skills coaching, psychology, fitness training, psychology, tactics, training program design, triathlon fashion, equipment, rules, operating standards, events,... and we invite you to comment on our thoughts.

In the end we hope to derive some sense of what we all want in [enter new club's name here].